Design & Maintenance


Correct and professional design is an essential element to any solution and is key to ensuring that such solutions not only operate effectively but do so efficiently and with the minimum of disruption.

From initial enquiry,  Gulf Defense Security Systems consultants will undertake a full evaluation of the exact requirements, carry out site surveys where required, produce a detailed reports, design specifications and costings together, if necessary, with any associated drawings.

Whether you are a government body, military, end user, consultant, architect or contractor, Gulf Defense Security Systems are the unrivalled choice for your professional Security and Defence design services.


Maintenance and regular service are vital elements in ensuring any Security or Defence system remains effective and trouble free in operation in order that the integrity of the system is preserved at all times. This is of particular importance for more complex and technical systems and equipment.

Gulf Defense Security Systems'maintenance department has rapid service support to clients, regardless of location.